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Company Profile

Tianjin Fayean Technology Co., LTD., founded in 1986, is a collection of r &d design, foreign trade export, cross-border electricity production trade type enterprise, products cover home, outdoor, pet, fitness, health care, maternal and child, and other fields, the main customers in Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, and gradually increased steadily for the development of developing countries and developed countries.

The company's main "FAYEAN" brand, adhering to the "integrity, innovation" business philosophy, and domestic suppliers and foreign customers to establish good relations of cooperation, to undertake personalized professional customized production, products are widely favored by the end consumer groups and customers.We use honest attitude towards customers and suppliers, in the industry to establish a good reputation;We treat products with the spirit of artisans, pay attention to quality and take into account the price, to provide customers with product design - packaging customization - to send a full set of thoughtful services, for their own brand reputation to lay a solid foundation;We take a responsible attitude towards investment and partners, safe operation, profit assessment, in order to ensure the rights and interests of investors and partners of the company and increase in value;We have gradually formed a united, optimistic, positive and energetic young team with the concept of sharing, to ensure the long-term stable development of the company;

Company Culture

To be the first choice of global customized brand. Company mission:Let the world trust "FAYEAN" customization, improve the quality of life of users

We believe that"Integrity, innovation, optimism, gratitude"and will lead our clients to create a more splendid future with our constantly had working, best service and the reasonable prce.

Our Team

We have professional sound system from the inquiry to the final packaging, which guaranteed our quality step by step.

The Production Team

This is our heart team. We have more than 80 staff in this crew. They do excellent job including cutting, welding, polishing, assembling, testing etc. Besides, we have another team formed by the advanced processing equipment. Welding Machine, Auto Polishing Machine, Auto Punching Machine, Various testing machine. Good workers need good machine to complete every processing perfectly.

The Sales Team

The bridge between our customers and our workshop. They are the first and main member who will contact you and be most close to you, listening to and communicating about your every concern for gaming chair. They are professional and keeping learning from massive practical gaming chair examples. They will guide you with great patience and help you to put your concern or concept into the practical design. They will also sometimes say no if they found something really unreasonable.

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