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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

November 24,2021

Pellets are an affordable, energy efficient and environmentally safe fuel. Solid pellets are produced by pressing method. The basic material for pellets production is crushed natural raw material without chemical additives: Wood bark, sawdust, wood chips.

Smoke-free combustion

· Provides smoke-free combustion up to 5 hours.

· Safe at combustion — do not spark and do not deform.

· The heat emission is almost twice as high as firewood and other fuels.

· Economical — pellet consumption is three times lower than firewood.

· Dried up to 8-12% moisture, the pellets keep a high calorific value for a long time.

100% environmental friendliness

· Does not contain chemical compounds.

· No smell, CO₂ emissions to the atmosphere amount to 0.

· Hypoallergenic due to the absence of plant spores and dust in the raw material.

· The burned raw material can be used as fertilizer.

· Practically does not emit sulfur and leave minimally soot in a chimney and a boiler.


· For pellet storage are no specially equipped warehouses required.

· This kind of fuel is absolutely harmless and not explosive.

· Withstand temperature variations.

· Pellets are suitable for using in industries, enterprises, and private buildings.

· Pellets are intended for using in boilers, furnaces and other heating systems.

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