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How to install garage door spring ?

How to install garage door spring ?

May 3,2018
Tools are required to install the spring
A torque wrench with a socket. Non slip winding dry locking pliers

Installation steps
1.First, unplug the power supply of the door opener, then pull the clutch to unlock the motor. Loosen the spring screw. Note: The spring torque is very large. Be careful when loosening two screws, and hold the crowbar firmly, otherwise the spring may bounce back and cause injury to people

2.Loosen the spring step by step, and then use a wrench or equivalent tool to remove the screws on the fixed end of the spring. Loosen the screws on the left rope pulley. Loosen both screws until they can be moved left and right. Loosen the screws on the right rope pulley until they can be moved left and right
3.If the pipe on the national spring is deformed, it can be polished to prevent the spring from failing to pass through. (Use either an angle grinder or abrasive paper)
4.Push the pipe aside and pull out the old spring. Insert the new spring, then put on the rope pulley and hang the pipe (the new spring should be clearly identified from the left and right without confusion). Take off the rope pulley on the right, take off the broken spring, and thread in the new spring. (Note location)
5. Align the left and right springs, put the screws in and tighten them, wrap the steel wire rope around the rope, first clamp one end of the rope with a rope pulley, and the steel wire rope is wound from inside to outside, that is, the rope pulley is rotated counterclockwise. After tightening the steel wire rope, tighten the two screws above. During the tightening process, the steel wire rope cannot be loosened, and maintain a continuous tight state. After tightening, clamp the steel pipe with a vise, so that the pipe will not loosen at this time, The right wire rope is also installed in this way
6. Tips: Hold the rope pulley while screwing in the screw to prevent the wire rope from loosening during screwing in. The wire rope should be kept tight throughout the entire process
7. Use a non-slip winding rod to force the spring towards the ceiling, and generally rotate it for 7-9 turns (the number of turns here refers to the full rotation of the spring for one turn, which is one turn). After installation, the anti-slip winding rod supports the door panel, and then tighten the two screws of the spring joint. Attention: The spring force is large, pay attention to safety
8.After tightening the screw, slightly lift the spring joint up and down with a non-slip winding rod, so that the lower anti-slip winding rod can be taken out (be very careful when removing this anti-slip winding rod, pay attention to safety). The same method is also used for the right spring, with the same number of turns on the left spring. When it is in place, tighten the screw and loosen the two anti-slip winding rods
9.After installing the spring, remove the locking pliers, and slowly lift the door manually. Raising it to a certain position can maintain a suspended state, without rising or falling, indicating that the number of coils on the spring is appropriate. At this time, check whether the left and right wire ropes are loose
10. Finally, plug in the power supply for the door opener and press the remote control. If the motor makes a sound, but the door panel does not move, pull the clutch that was just unlocked, and then press the remote control

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